How We Handle Lead Removal in Queens, NY


Lead has been known to be a dangerous element. No matter if it’s lead paint or soil, the risks are there; you should never neglect it! Over time, this element will cause poisoning, which you don’t want inside your household. Take advantage of our lead removal service!


Here at TLD Services Inc., we handle lead removal in a safe and efficient manner. Through our innovative procedures, we ensure your property is safe from the undaunted effects of lead to the body. Based in Queens, NY, our company has grown and has continuously provided this type of service for over a decade now. So trust us when we say,”we can handle it.”


Before we start removing paint or soil from your property, we assess the condition of your property. Lead can be quite difficult to detect, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. But not to worry! We use top-grade equipment to scan for it. If your property is positive for lead, then we’ll move forward with the removal services.


Our removal service involves controlling, working wet, and cleaning up thoroughly. Although this may seem easy, every homeowner should understand that there are risks in handling these tasks themselves. Not only could the outcome be dissatisfactory, but they might also suffering lead poisoning. The experts of TLD Services Inc. are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to lead removal. Through our capabilities, you’re guaranteed of quality results. Also, we use high-quality tools and materials to ensure an efficient and safe work.


After completing the project, we examine the area for other signs of contamination. We want nothing more than your complete satisfaction when it comes to our service. So leave lead removal to us!


When you suspect an area has lead contamination, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (347) 665-6748. We make sure your property in Queens, NY is safe and free from lead poisoning, so trust us to handle the job for you!

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