Remove Mold Effectively With the Help of This Professional Insulation Contractor in Queens, NY


Having an insulator installed in your home surely provides you the comfort and satisfaction of living that you desire. For most homeowners, fiberglass is one of the common materials used for insulating houses. It allows heat, cold, and sound to disperse slowly in your abode. Insulators can trap pockets of air, which in turn, will create a favorable atmosphere in your home. It can make your house warm during winter and cool in the summer. However, a fiberglass is a favorable environment for molds to thrive. Removing these microscopic fungi can be hard so you must hire a professional to do it for you. TLD Services Inc. is the insulation contractor in Queens, NY that is expert in handling mold removal in your fiberglass.


Why hire a professional for mold removal?

There are serious cases that are reported around the globe of molds growing in fiberglass insulation systems. Don’t blame your insulation contractor because it’s not the materials that the fiberglass is made of that’s causing the mold growth, it’s the temperature of your house. If you think molds are okay to be in your fiberglass because it’s not that visible in the eye, you’re wrong. Overgrown mold can cause a foul odor in your atmosphere. It can also spread spores that will trigger pulmonary diseases. Hiring a professional is one of the best things you can do to avoid all of these problems.


Say goodbye to molds in your fiberglass with our services.

TLD Services Inc. is the reliable insulation contractor in Queens, NY that can scrape all of the molds in your fiberglass in a breeze, Our professionals are all licensed and experienced to perform this task to your homes. We use the right chemical solutions and agents for your fiberglass. We see to it that there is no harm to your property and to your health when we do the work. We act quick and effective, hence, these are the reasons why we are preferred in the area. Working with us will ensure you a quality service because we utilize the proper tools and equipment!

We don’t only remove molds in your insulation systems but we will also provide you with the right information that you need when it comes to mold removal and prevention. Come to us at TLD Services Inc. so we can help you with your insulation problems. Visit us at Queens, NY or call our lines at (347) 665-6748 for inquiries.

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