The Asbestos Contractor in Queens, NY You Can Rely On

TLD Services Inc. is a licensed and insured asbestos contractor. We’ve been in this industry for a decade, and we’re one of the trusted asbestos removal experts in Queens, NY. Your property will be free from asbestos the moment we’re done working on it.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Unlike what most people believe, the asbestos problem still exists and that they’re dangerous. If you realize that there’s asbestos in your house, it’s best that you give us a call right away. Even if you’re not sure, but you suspect that there is asbestos present somewhere in your house, let us provide you with asbestos removal services.

Importance of Asbestos Removal

Even if you just see a small area with asbestos, it’s important that it’s removed right away. It’s a toxic substance, and if exposed, will cause damage to the health of the people in your house. The asbestos could damage the surfaces as well. Once the asbestos is exposed, only time will tell until you and the people in your property start feeling the effects of the asbestos. As an asbestos contractor, we can give you advice as to how to properly handle the removal of the asbestos. We see to it that it’s properly and safely removed.

You Should Hire Us

Safety is a major issue when it comes to removing asbestos. If not handled properly, the person removing the asbestos could get seriously sick. You might be seeing a few, but that could be the only thing that’s exposed. However, if you check the area and other places in your property, there might still be areas that have asbestos. Since we have years of experience, we know how to safely remove the asbestos from your property. We’d also handle the disposal of the asbestos. We know where to dispose of them to ensure they won’t cause harm to other people.

To ensure that the asbestos removal is properly done, TLD Services Inc. is the asbestos contractor you should hire. Call our specialists in Queens, NY at (347) 665-6748 now.

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