The Area’s Premier Choice for Asbestos Removal in Queens, NY

TLD Services Inc. provides the communities in and around Queens, NY with excellent asbestos removal and other professional solutions and has been doing so since 2013. We have over a decade of experience in keeping spaces safe and the residents healthy, providing peace of mind and superior results. If you are worried that you might have a mold problem, we can help you! 

Asbestos Removal

We Are Well-Prepared! 

Through a thorough inspection and professional asbestos removal, we guarantee that customers live in hazard-free environments. Our highly trained contractors are certified and fully qualified to perform their work. Our entire team is licensed by the state to deal with all aspects of mold, lead paint, and asbestos removal, and testing. 

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority! 

We utilize innovative technologies, techniques, and products to ensure that the work done matches industry standards and results in safe indoor environments for our clients. The air quality will improve, and the appearance of the space will be more welcoming. When removing mold, our asbestos contractor can help repair the damage by repainting the surfaces affected by the spores. And we do all that with the utmost care and precision so we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Learn more about TLD Services Inc., the finest asbestos contractor in Queens, NY, at (347) 665-6748 today! We will be happy to create a healthy and safe space for you and your loved ones! 


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